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was born with the idea of it being called the TABLE. (Have you been to the Table yet? Let’s take it the Table! The Table has the BEST Happy Hour in town!)

Without contradicting styles, The Wild Thyme Table is best described as a modern boho, repurposed vintage, coastal industrial spot that is trendy but quirky; fun and TOTALLY MEMORABLE!

Simple, familiar, local, clean, sustainable, house-made ingredients - it’s  straightforward food, without complication. But I want to clarify, straightforward does not mean boring!  It’s better characterized as natural, bright ingredients that stand out on their own, but fully shine altogether.  The food speaks for itself!

As an extension of The Wild Thyme Company brand, the foundation of what is being marketed and served at The Wild Thyme Table will tie into the roots of its parent catering company, offering a storefront to really showcase their offerings as a daily service. 

VIDEO BY: Jaymee Carvajal
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